Retailers with an analytics edge have the advantage. You can make faster, smarter decisions at all levels of the business. But only if you bridge the analytics gap. The path from data to business insight isn’t easy. You have data from customers, competitors, and every functional area of your company. It’s growing exponentially. But often that data is walled off in silos, only available through time-consuming analysis by specialists.
What’s more, traditional analytics are no longer enough. You need to equip every decision maker with advanced analytics based on predictive modeling. And you need these insights to be highly accurate, automated and available in easy-to-use formats.

When you close the analytics gap, you can respond to market changes in real-time. Your forecasting, targeting, markdowns, and supply chain become sharper and more effective. And with an analytics advantage, you can achieve the holy grail in retailing: a customer experience that drives loyalty. If you need faster, more accurate business insight, Perceptive Analytics can help. We specialize in advanced analytics and business intelligence for retail marketing, strategy, merchandising, supply chain and store operations.

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